Retail & E-Commerce

Use gamification to create opportunities for increased in-store visits and online sales. Create excitement and delight consumers with innovative customer loyalty programmes that use gamification to engage them in a memorable way.

Drive in-store sales and customer loyalty

Engage your audience through games and award them tailored offers to turn app and website visitors into in-store shoppers and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Control and guide footfall to stores you select

Use the LeadFamly platform to create gamification campaigns with vouchers
that lead winners to specific stores that needs some attention or have a
surplus of product. 

We’ve been using the LeadFamly platform for over a year, and it’s greatly helped with our CRM (customer relationship management). It’s an easy-to-use platform, and we can see that the more our customers win vouchers and pick them up, the more often they visit a Coop store. This is great for us.

We recommend the LeadFamly platform for companies that want control over how often and how they engage their customer base.

Stine Hein
Head of Coop Loyalty Programs,
CRM & Marketing


Enrich your contacts for segmentation

Get to know your customers and build customer profiles by capturing key interest data for improved segmentation.

Create excitement with your social media or
omnichannel strategy

Use gamification to drum up excitement about your brand or a specific product, or to have multiple touchpoints with customers who start as online fans and get them physically into your stores.

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