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Create campaigns that market travel destinations or promote holiday offers with the help of gamification.

Give customers
a memorable experience

Stand apart from the competition by creating a fun and interactive strategy that uses marketing gamification.

“What surprised me is that there are so many possibilities. We started with the Christmas Calendar last year as our first project, and our game plan has developed. We’ve been able to use the LeadFamly platform on an ongoing basis, and we use the tests and insights to decide whether that experience works for our audience. The fact that it’s possible to use the platform throughout the year has been an eye opener.”

Jakob Belmann
Marketing Coordinator
LEGOLAND Billund Resort

Focus on
mobile-first content

Meet customers where the spend time online and on the right device. Up to 44% of travelers research and book their travel on a smartphone¹.  The LeadFamly platform allows users to create responsive game experiences without the need for development or agency assistance.

The LeadFamly platform allows Viking Line to engage our audience in an interactive and fun way. Our audience interacts with our brand for a longer period of time (on average, over 1 minute) than traditional marketing.

The games are easy to build up and manage and we have also noticed that our customers enjoy when they can interact with us someway and they are eager to play the games.

We have had positive experiences and can highly recommend the platform for other companies.

Aija Haimola
Marketing Specialist
Viking Line Abp (FI)

Capture new data layers

Game campaigns can provide new layers of data Facebook can’t provide, allowing you to segment by interest, catering more targeted messages and offers to fans and followers.

social graph

The hotel chain wanted both their private customers and their business clients to better get to know their brand. They also wanted to obtain more information about what they could offer the two separate groups.

With the LeadFamly platform, Comwell was able to target both groups at the same time by making parallel campaigns. A daily advent calendar was targeted towards their private customers and a weekly advent calendar towards their business clients. Both of the campaigns were tailored to appeal to the different needs and interests of the two target groups.

Launch new offers
using gamification

Capture attention by incorporating gamification into your marketing campaign to introduce travel offers or packages you want your audience to know about.

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