There is no doubt that an advent calendar generates better members. They have participated multiple times over a longer period - we know they're interested!

René Iversen, Customer Club Manager at SPORT 24

Results from the campaign

The campaign ran from December 1 to December 24, and during that time it managed to engage 33,000 unique visitors, who participated a total of 422,000 times. One-third of all leads generated were new customers.

More than a third of the participants are completely new customers, so our advent calendar has been incredibly efficient at generating new leads. The campaign has also created a significant increase in turnover in our webshop. We registered an additional six-digit turnover from customers who had been redirected from the campaign, which is impressive!

René Iversen, Customer Club Manager at SPORT 24

Campaign details

One of the reasons the SPORT 24 advent calendar was so effective was due to their ability to integrate the campaign with other marketing channels.

"For us, it was important that the advent calendar could be an integrated part of our customer communications as a whole. To achieve that, we prioritised creating a continuous visual identity across the game, our website, and our social media channels."

(René Iversen, Customer Club Manager at SPORT 24)

Among other great initiatives, SPORT 24 was able to attract a lot of participants via their social media channels by creating a beautiful video clip of an advent calendar window opening. The clip piqued the viewer's curiosity and made them want to try the game.

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