“By using four weekly questions instead of 24 daily ones, Wupti was able to minimize the time they spent setting up their campaign and also offer bigger prizes. When I saw the results of the campaign, I was impressed. I believe they got the same number of unique registrations as they would have gotten with a traditional advent calendar.”

Mads Ejsing, Senior Client Manager at Lead:famly

Campaign details

Wupti approached the campaign in a strategic way. By choosing a weekly advent calendar instead of a daily one, they were able to minimize set-up time and offer higher-value, more impressive prizes. Each door of the calendar was a scratch-card field that revealed a quiz question about that week's prize. To answer the question, participants had to click through to Wupti's webshop. If they answered correctly, they were asked to register for a chance to win the prize.

A weekly advent calendar was also a good choice because Wupti wanted to maximize lead generation instead of focusing on continuous, daily engagement. They ensured a fun experience for participants by incorporating seasonal details into the game's design. They created a festive Christmas wonderland with drifting snowflakes and a Santa-themed version of their logo.

Campaign results
Conversion rate
Wupti increased their conversion rate by asking participants for their email on the game's winner page
Unique registrations
The campaign had an impressive 52,000 unique registrations out of 109,000 total

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